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Microeconomics [Paperback]

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Population Books Online

Developing extensive knowledge in demographics and population studies is key for data-driven policymaking and insight into global societal change. Our library features extensively researched population books spanning growth models, public health, urbanization, migration, aging populations, and more.

For foundational concepts, we offer introductory books about population clearly explaining demographic transition models, fertility, mortality, population theories, census methodology, and seminal thinkers like Malthus and Boserup that shaped the field.

To build expertise, our collection includes specialized best books on population diving deep into topics like epidemiology, urban geography, immigration policy, generational cohorts, gender imbalances, and predictive demographic shifts through an analytical lens.

Looking for global insights? We have illuminating comparative case study books examining population challenges like gender discrimination, aging societies, urban crowding, and access to healthcare faced by nations spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

Stay updated with new acclaimed titles covering trending population issues like climate migration, the global care economy, youth bulges in developing nations, longevity impacts, and data-driven projections of societal needs in areas like housing, transportation, and infrastructure. 

Let these trusted resources provide extensive context, data analysis, and insights to guide policy and civil society. Demographic knowledge progresses society.